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Phone Sex with Allison

 This sexy redhead  has a dirty little secret...she can't get enough cock!  Even though  she's married and loves her hubby, Allison is always in search of  her  next hot fuck.  She craves cock and loves to cum and enjoys the thrill of being a wicked wife.


Phone Sex with Amelia

Hot, wet, naughty  and wild Amelia likes to get down and dirty with just about anyone.  This sexy, young girl is into all things kinky and really loves to get  covered in hot, sticky cum.  Work up a big, thick wad while you play with Amelia and then let it explode all over her perfect, young body. 


Phone Sex with April

April is the hot girl next door, your naughty student, teasing babysitter or Daddy's little  girl and, since April has no taboos, there are no limits to the fun you can have. Her sweet young voice will make you hard and her dirty little mind will keep you cumming back for more!


Phone Sex with Claudia

Do you like to  play dirty, nasty games? Then you will definitely enjoy some kinky fun time with Claudia. Experienced in all taboos and fetishes, Claudia specializes in toilet play. Your reward will be a taste of her sweet golden nectar and maybe even the privilege of cleaning her hot, sexy ass.


Phone Sex with Darla

Mommy Darla is proof positive that things improve with age. She wouldn't trade her experience for anything and loves being a sexy older woman. You'll love it too, especially when you let her show you all the wonderful things she has learned about sex over the years.


Phone Sex with Delilah

 Perfect. That's the only way to describe Goddess Delilah. This raven-haired beauty is  the ultimate in Female perfection.  Every inch of her luscious body was  made to be worshiped. Wouldn't you love to serve this fine Mistress?



Phone Sex with Ingrid

Ingrid, our youngest Mistress, is everything you've ever wanted in a Woman. Depending on Her mood you might find yourself bent over Her knee getting a much deserved spanking or down on your own knees servicing Her friends.


Phone Sex with Jada

Even though she was born and raised in the states, Asian beauty Jada has been taught many things from the women in her family. She knows that serving a man is what she was born for. Her pleasure comes from pleasing you and she has no limits and nothing is taboo.

Kiki (Shemale)

Phone Sex with Shemale Kiki

What is it you like best about this special Lady?  Is it her gorgeous tits, her hot ass - or is it that delicious cock? This strict yet sensual Goddess has some cravings of her own and She will guide you into fulfilling each and every one.


Phone Sex with Laurel

 Laurel is a little  slut. She does it with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It doesn't seem  fair for Daddy's Little Princess to be giving it up for everyone but Daddy, does it?  Don't worry, Laurel is always ready to make sure Daddy is happy. 


Phone Sex with Liza

This beautiful blonde is "smokin' hot" - literally.  This sexy smoker is sensuous and demanding.  Mistress Liza loves to light up and lean back while you are made to worship her luscious feet and perfect toes - and anything else she deems necessary.


Phone Sex with Loretta

 Looking for a  mature gal that has no taboos? A hot, feisty lady that knows what's  what as far as sex is concerned? Meet Loretta. This sexy older woman has a kinky side that knows no limits. Loretta's willing to do anything from mild to wild and she'll have a good time doing it.



Phone Sex with Marina

So young, so tiny, so sweet. Marina is a little sweetheart and she's very eager to please. She tells us she really likes older men because they enjoy getting really naughty with her and exploring all kinds of taboo fantasies.


Phone Sex with Marjorie

You know you're a pathetic waste, an embarrassment, a disgusting specimen of manhood not worthy of even calling yourself a man. Marjorie has no tolerance for losers like you. She will verbally abuse you and humiliate you until  you cry like the little bitch that you really are. 

Martina (Shemale)

Phone Sex with Shemale Martina

Martina is a very special girl. She has everything bad boys want and an extra bonus, too. She loves to show you her "surprise package" and see the confusion on your face turn to desire as you realize she has a gorgeous cock to go along with the rest of her beautiful body.


Phone Sex with Melinda

Hot, young and nasty - just like you like your girls. This sexpot grew up with little supervision and lots of experimentation. There really isn't much she hasn't done at her young age. She loves to share stories of the kinky things she's done and gets off on getting you off.


Phone Sex with Morgan

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a teacher with the look and style as Miss Morgan. She has the ability of holding your attention for long periods, and keeping you after class if she catches you spying her firm breasts or her long, lean legs.


Phone Sex with Nellie

This older slut is no fool, she learned at a young age that she wasn't blessed with beauty and that the only way she'd ever get any attention was to be the girl that did whatever the boys wanted. Years later and it's still Nasty Nellie that  does what the other girls won't.


Phone Sex with Nicole

There's wicked - and then there's Mistress Nicole. Don't be fooled by her age - Nicole  is young but unbelievably cruel. She loves to torment and tease older men and force them to do all kinds of things they never imagined.


Phone Sex with Pamela

Play time with Pamela is on a first come-first-served basis. You can come dressed or you can borrow a few from Pamela's private closet. She has the silkiest hose, the sexiest corsets, the laciest lingerie and the reddest of lipsticks - all to dress her sissy-sluts up nice and pretty.


Phone Sex with Simone

What makes you think that Mistress Simone is interested in your pathetic little dick? You know she craves hot, hard cocks that are big and thick with heavy, full balls to match. If you're a good boy, she might let you watch.


Phone Sex with Susan

Sometimes Mommy Susan leaves her bedroom door open a crack. She knows you'll peek in  and watch her playing with her hot, wet pussy. She also knows you  sometimes sniff her panties and that you jerk off with them, too.  It doesn't make Mommy Susan makes her horny for you! 


Phone Sex with Trudy

Mommy Trudy will pull you close and hold you tight - just like any good mommy should. You'll feel her warm body and hard nipples against your young body and you'll find it "hard" to "contain" your enthusiasm. Mommy loves enthusiastic young men.

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